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Our Story

I am Julia, Founder of Alphaluxy 😊  

I think me and you have something in common: we want to feel confident in our own skin, without having to go through invasive and expensive cosmetic procedures.

I was 15 when I started struggling with bad skin. For years I had cystic acne that made me feel very uncomfortable, both when I had make-up on and when I was without any make-up. 

When I finally managed to keep my hormonal acne at bay I was left with bad acne scarring.

At the same time, I was still having random breakouts, oily skin and blackheads, that kept making me feel uncomfortable when I was around other people. 

On top of that, when I turned 30 I started seeing the first signs of skin ageing. Hyperpigmentation, the first fine lines and sunspots made me feel like I completely lost control of my skin. 

In the 15 years I struggled with my skin, I have spent so much money on dermatologists, creams, antibiotics, aestheticians, chemical peels, all with the hope to get back a healthy and young-looking complexion, but nothing seemed to work. 

Until when I decided I didn’t want to stress my skin with all those treatments that eventually seemed to make everything worse.

I decided I didn’t want to start having botox and fillers to prevent further skin ageing and I convinced myself I could find other ways to get better skin.

That’s when I decided to study skincare myself and to come up with products that could solve all the problems I had on my skin, in an affordable and non-invasive way. 

That’s how Alphaluxy was born.

After finally getting the best skin of my last 15 years, my mission is now to help women like me get their confidence back and to feel good in their own skin. 

As women, we know how important our look is. That can affect every aspect of our life: our relationships, our career and our financial success.

When we feel good with how we look, we feel on top of the world and everything seems to fall into place.

Everyday I am blown away by the response we are getting from the women in our community.

Our mission is to create a unique online skincare and personal care boutique committed to delivering exquisite beauty and wellness products made from the highest quality ingredients and materials at affordable prices.

Our vision is to create skincare products that foster long-term, lasting change in how women take care of their skin, delivering a product line that makes exceptionally high-quality skincare and personal care products affordable and accessible to any woman who wants to look and feel her best, without having to go through invasive dermatological and cosmetical procedures, and without breaking the bank.

Seeing empowered women taking control of their skin and of their lives thanks to a new level of confidence is what gives us purpose.